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Testimonial from Jaishree and Utsav

“Jaishree and I genuinely mean every word below:

I have had the pleasure of working with Rathi through two large weddings – my sister’s and my own. I can say without hesitation that Rathi was the single most important member of the wedding team both times. I could not imagine going through either wedding without her. If you are a newly-engaged couple interested in having a fun, well-organized, punctual, and grand South Asian wedding, Rathi needs to be your first call. Once you engage her, everything else will fall into place.

After you spend a few weeks getting to know Rathi, you will realize that she is more of a family member than a wedding vendor. She will invest herself personally in your wedding. She will take the time to understand your vision and will then guide every other vendor to help you realize that vision.

I also think that Rathi’s positive relationship with other wedding vendors–the decorators, caterers, DJs, emcees, etc–is of tremendous importance. I felt like we got every vendor’s “A-Team” because of Rathi.

Weddings are stressful, and they take an incredible amount of planning. Rathi will take a lot of the stress off your head. She will prepare a wedding timeline that walks you through each and every step of the planning process. My wife and I had a year to plan our wedding, and Rathi spread out the tasks that needed to be completed over that 12 month timeline. As long as we stuck to her recommended timeline, we felt no stress.

South Asian weddings are notorious for running behind schedule. But, I was amazed to find that Rathi’s weddings are always on time. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised many of our guests were when dinner was served at the promised time!

Rathi is also very accessible. She made herself available to us each time we needed her advice. We must have had dozens of late night conference calls with her. She made herself equally available to our parents, which they very much appreciated.

Rathi really is a masterclass. She constantly improves on her craft, and she does not regurgitate the same old ideas. My sister’s wedding was completely different from my own, but both were uniquely beautiful. When newly-engaged couples ask me for wedding advice, I can usually sum it up in two words – “Hire Rathi.”

~ Thank you, Utsav and Jaishree – we are absolutely thrilled that we once again lived and breathed our motto: “Because, it is all about you….”

Testimonial from Jaishree and Utsav

Testimonial From Prakash Venkataraman

We had the pleasure of Rathi coordinating our reception in Houston. Let me say first that if she is available, absolutely book her because working with her will be the best decision you make. She is by far the most meticulous and well organized person we have worked with. There were a few things in particular we loved about her. First, Rathi was extremely professional – always on time, always prepared, and always asked extremely good questions that showed she got to know the couple. Second, she was extremely respectful to our parents, which is a must. We have seen times where this is not the case, and that is unacceptable. She shows nothing but respect for what you are trying to do. Third, Rathi did a great job of keeping the flow of the night going well, even calling audibles where needed to ensure a) the couple was happy, and b) the night ran smoothly. Fourth, there is a very firm, yet soft way that Rathi has that is unmatched. She is very clear about decisions she makes, and really takes the burden of operating the whole event, leaving the couple and families feeling very relaxed. Lastly, she did a great job of being a quarterback for all our great vendors.

If you go with Rathi you will most certainly be nothing short of delighted. We highly recommend her!

– Prakash Venkataraman

Testimonial From Prakash Venkataraman

Testimonial From Jubi & Ankur

Thank you so much for all of your hardwork in making our wedding so memorable and beautiful. All of our events exceeded our expectations and it was so nice not to have to worry about all of the minute details of that day especially since we live so far away. I have to say that working with you was so very easy and the proof of your dedication and professionalism is evident in the work that you do. I highly recommend anyone to come to you and your team, they will not be disappointed.

– Jubi

Testimonial From Jubi & Ankur

Testimonial from Mona Mohindra

It was such a fun and memorable weekend for us, and so much of that was because of you and your team’s hard work. I think we spent the first 2 days of our honeymoon talking about what an awesome job you did and how we were actually able to ENJOY our wedding since we knew that you and your team had everything organized and under control.

I was so excited to see all of the decor and events come to life – each event exceeded my expectations, and I really thank you for working with Nalini to make sure that each and every event turned out the way we wanted them to. We also wanted to note that your two assistants were also really great to work with. Both were very professional and organized and made both me and Sandy feel like a priority (which we both very much appreciated and put us at ease).

Overall, our experience working with you this past year was a pleasure, and you even convinced both Sandy and his dad in the value of wedding planners/coordinators (which is no easy feat). And we know that all of our guests appreciated all of the events being on time (or even early!), so thank you again for that.

– Mona

Testimonial from Mona Mohindra

Testimonial from Shilpa & Siddarth Nadkarni

We are pleased to share the experience we had working with Mrs. Rathi Menon over the course of planning our wedding on September 5, 2010. The wedding was extremely well-managed, and Rathi was a critical factor in it being a success.

Rathi was very timely and responsive in providing information on vendors, setting up meetings and guiding us through each vendor’s process. She offered insight and valuable advice covering all aspects of planning the event. In addition to her efforts that ensured we were adequately prepared going into our wedding day, Rathi played a key role during the actual day of the event as well. The timing and coordination of the vents were excellent – we and our family could relax and enjoy ourselves.

We were delighted with Rathi’s help, and whole heartedly recommend her services as a wedding coordinator.

-Shilpa & Siddarth Nadkarni

Testimonial from Shilpa & Siddarth Nadkarni

Testimonial from Arvind Kumar, MD

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this testimonial/recommendation for Ms Rathi Menon.

Ms. Menon was the Wedding Planner for my son’s wedding in July, 2009. The functions spanned over two dates, were intricate and celebrations were extensive. Total guests were little more than 500.

During preparation for the wedding, Ms Menon constantly kept us updated. We could contact her easily. If she could not attend to our call, she called us back promptly. She made excellent organizational spreadsheets and graphic lay outs for various arrangements, including seating arrangement for 500 guests.

Ms Menon planned and executed the pre-wedding functions, wedding ceremony, post wedding function, reception, Reception included dinner, music, dance, and other themes. I have attended quite a few weddings, and am happy to say that this wedding was superbly executed, and was superbly pleasant function. There were no glitches at all.

There were constant comments from our guests that the functions were well planned in minutest details, every thing was ready beforehand and available as needed, culminating in a very smooth flow. Guests further said that for reception, the decorations/lighting as well as music were mesmerizing and the theme was very romantic. All this due to Ms Menon’s imagination, intuitive insight, diligence to details and hard work.

I wish her success which she earns well and deserves.

-Arvind Kumar, MD

Testimonial from Arvind Kumar, MD

Testimonial from Padma Srinivasan & V. Srinivasan

We would like to thank you very much for doing such as outstanding job at our daughter’s wedding (which was conducted on August 22nd, 2008). We are happy that you agreed to be the wedding coordinator. All our relatives and friends who attended the wedding were astounded and very impressed by the way the ceremony and reception venues were decorated, how beautiful they looked and the way the whole thing was coordinated. Due to your hard work everything went very smoothly and on schedule.

We are glad that you coordinated the entire event including the time-line, the seating arrangement and training the volunteers for the various tasks. We appreciate that you stayed with us during the entire morning and evening events and making sure that everything went smoothly. We were very relaxed because you were there and we knew that you were “trouble-shoot” and take care of any unforeseen event.

All the vendors you and Nalini Kannan had recommended were very cooperative and helpful. Due to your careful planning and hard work we did not have any problems with any of the vendors and the whole event went very smoothly without any problems because of your tireless work.

We are very grateful for guiding us through the entire process and we are looking forward working with you again in the future. We would highly recommend you to anybody who needs this kind of service.

-Padma Srinivasan & V. Srinivasan

Testimonial from Padma Srinivasan & V. Srinivasan

Testimonial from Sarita Singal

Thank you so much for all your help with our wedding, we are really very happy with how it turned out. everything was beautiful and organized. You were professional, but very personable when dealing with our desires and we appreciate every detail. Thank you for your encouragement and support through the entire process. You did an excellent job – please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference anytime.

-Sarita Singal

Testimonial from Sarita Singal